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Why do I quilt?

I have always had a love affair with fabric.  I love fabric's color.  I love fabric's saturated color.  I love fabric's color variation and pattern.  I love fabric's tactile nature.   I love the unraveling raw edges of fabric.

I love quilting.  I love the three-dimensional nature of quilting.  I love the freedom to add texture with quilting.  I love the freedom to add surface design, beads, couched yarns and ribbons to my quilting.  

I use the medium of textiles to represent my home.  For the past few years, that home has been my southern Arizona "sky island" of Bisbee, Arizona.  I am especially drawn to images that are not considered classically attractive.  That includes landscapes of disintegrating structures, ruins of our abandoned past.  I am drawn to wildlife not considered classically attractive.  I am drawn to the unnoticed dramas that play out beneath our notice.

Take some time to explore the blog, peruse my gallery of quilts, and feel free to reach out if you find anything interesting here.

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